Looking for a new twist on an old classic? Ready to beat boredom back for a while? Are you willing to take some risks in order to make some money on the side, without anyone forcing you to spend it a certain way? Friends, you need to check out blackjack tournaments. We know, we know: it used to be a pretty big deal, but a lot of blackjack tournaments sort of fizzled out. They’re making a pretty strong comeback at the coming, and we thought that you should realize there are some pretty strong justifications for jumping back in again.

Want to know what those reasons are? Of course you do!

Blackjack Tournaments

1. Live Dealers

Live dealers are one of the best things that has ever happened to the online casino world. For years, people skipped over staying online because they felt like they weren’t getting enough socialization. Sure enough, the titans of the industry put their heads together and figured out a great solution to the problem: live dealers. They are usually young, pretty, and can strike up a great conversation. For the ladies out there reading, don’t fret: there are live male dealers as well. Sure, being attractive is great but a winning personality also has to be in there as well.

You’ll find live dealers in blackjack tournaments and also moderations in most chat rooms to talk to you while you’re waiting for the round to start. It’s not necessary, but it never hurts to fill in the time a bit.

2. Great Bonuses

New to blackjack tournaments? There are some great bonuses available to you. Some sites do a free round where you can join the tournaments even if you’re not paying for anything. This gives you a chance to see what they’re all about, and plenty of time to practice your skills. Free events attract players of all skill levels, so you won’t be dealing with just newbies, nor will you deal with just sharks. Some sites even go one step further with door prizes raffled off, even if you don’t take home any other prize. You could still be eligible to win a door prize regardless of what spot you take in the actual tournament; you just have to play.

3. Sharpens Your Game

This last reason is probably the best reason to check out blackjack tournaments again. When you don’t play blackjack often, your skills soften. You stop memorizing basic strategy. You start making bad calls, and going on your gut instead of thinking logically. Blackjack is one of the few casino games where you can lower the house edge by using your head, so why wouldn’t you? Sure, there are going to be times when the house captures your money, but there’s nothing that says that you can’t minimize it as much as possible.

Once you start playing blackjack more often, we assure you of one thing; your skills will get better. There’s something about competition that really gets people moving in the right direction. They start really thinking about how to tie concepts together and that means that they’re looking at how they can make more money. Winning the top spot would really change your bankroll for the better, so it’s not like it’s not in your best interests. Know what we mean? 🙂

The future looks bright for blackjack tournaments. Once you have a set idea of how to adjust your strategy, you’ll go very far. But of course, it goes without saying that if you want to get in the action, you have to actually get things started. Check out a place to play blackjack tournaments today. You truly won’t be disappointed, we promise!

By James