You can determine the odds of many events in poker through direct calculations. Since this is a game of chance but with the option of using a strategy to increase or lower specific odds, you need to know how to calculate the odds using basic and fast calculation methods, all of which you perfect only through experience. In this post, I will highlight a few odds in poker and how you can calculate your chances against a pair of pre-flop aces at a glance. Note, however, that the best combination is not always what you will get to counter an Ace pair.

Pair of Aces

Pair versus Pair: When there is a pair of aces via another pair, the odds vary based on distance but the bigger pair has a 80 percent chance. Close pairs, e.g. a pair of Aces vs. a Pair of Ks makes the higher pocket pair stronger. The best starting hand in any Poker game is getting a pair of aces, but when your opponent is the lucky one, the best counter is to use the low or middle suited connectors like 7 or 8 to have about 23% chance of winning.

If your opponent has a hand does not include an Ace, the best combination to give you an upper hand is a pair of Kings. The Kings give you a 70% chance of winning, coming second after Aces as the best hand to be dealt pre-flop. If you miss the pair of aces, the next close good hand would be an Ace and King combination, especially if they are suited. A hand of an Ace and King will dominate combinations like Ace and Queen, Ace and Jack, King and Queen etc. Any combination of an Ace and a number only has a 28% chance of winning, meaning such are not the best pre-flop combinations you can get.

By James