The aim of this article is to discuss (in detail) the different ways to deposit and withdraw money from an online casino. Obviously, if you intend on playing for real money, you will need a deposit and withdrawal method and there are some methods that are better than others.

It seems fairly pointless to run through all the mediocre deposit options so we will just jump straight to the best ways to deposit and withdraw money. These can be defined into two main groups: credit/debit card and online wallets. We will run through both of these different methods now.

Online Wallets

These are the most common way to transfer money to and from casinos. They basically act as a middle man; you transfer funds from your bank to the online wallet and then from there to the casino. The same process applies to withdrawing money as well.

Online Wallets

There are loads of these kinds of services but these are the three most popular:

PayPal –

Neteller –

Skrill –

PayPal speaks for itself really as almost everyone has heard of them. Sending money from your PayPal account to your chosen online casinos is very easy. Not many online casinos actually accept PayPal as a payment methods although most of the casinos that we recommend on do.

The same applies to Neteller and Skrill as well (Skrill has cheaper fees). Which one of the online wallets you use is completely at your discretion. All of the three above are regulated and safe.

Why Bother With Online Wallets?

Well if you have an account with any of the three above websites that in itself is a reason to use it for your gaming purposes. Another reason why you may want to use an online wallet is because it makes it very easy to keep track of your money, especially if you’re playing at multiple casinos. It’s easier than having to check your bank statements every few days.

Credit/Debit Cards

If online wallets sound like too much hassle to you then you can use your debit/credit card instead. Once you’ve completed your first deposit the casino will then remember your card for further deposits.

To cover one thing up right away, providing you play at a reputable and well known brand you don’t need to worry about your details being stolen or anything like that.

Then once you’re ready to make a withdrawal you just withdraw back to the card that you used to deposit and the casino will then send the money back to you as a withdrawal.

Don’t misinterpret this; it doesn’t matter if you deposit ¬£10 and win ¬£10000, the casino will still send you the money back as a refund. In a nutshell, the money just appears back in your bank account and that’s all you really need to worry about.

There are numerous other ways of depositing and withdrawing money but the above methods are the easiest and the best.

By James