The holidays are a great time to catch up on your poker playing for a few reasons. One, it’s time off work so you can concentrate more than you normally would. Poker is nothing if not concentration. If you’re not focusing on each and every hand, then you’re setting yourself up for poker leaks that may be very difficult to close later. It’s all about knowing how to position yourself for the best game possible. There is no guarantee that you’ll come out a winner, but staying sharp never hurts your chances, right?

The other reason why you should catch up on some poker when work is slow and everyone’s playing is that a lot of newcomers tend to come in over the holiday break. This gives you a chance to sharpen your skills on people that will most likely never return to the poker table. Oh, they’ll play a few hands and win a few chips, but they’re not really dedicated to the game. Poker is considered a sport to some because of all of the mental preparation involved. If you’re going to play the game, you might as well make sure that you’re playing to win. Some argue that you shouldn’t aim for newcomers. We fully disagree with this. New players should be treated as any other player would. If you want to give another player the benefit of the doubt then you should treat them like a normal person. There’s no reason to make them feel inferior to you. For all you know, they might be a super poker player. Just because they started on the site as a new player doesn’t mean anything at all. It’s best to always try to treat everyone as best you can, on and off the poker table.

Poker Games

You have to catch a few poker games over the holidays, but no one ever said that you had to catch them at the same casino online that you always go to. You can always check out another place that may have better rewards. Since rewards change all the time, we really can’t tell you what’s hot. The best thing to do is look up current promotions by going to a casino review directory. You’ll see current promotions, along with other games that will be of more interest. It’s best to always look and see what you can do to pad your bankroll. There will be times in poker that you lose, even when you have a great hand. There’s always a chance that someone will get a freak flop that makes their crappy hand better than yours. It sucks when that happens, but it’s possible. That’s why you really have to watch the board and bail rather than stay in a hand that won’t turn into something better.

Overall, the holiday season is a great time to catch up on not just poker but all of your favorite games. If you find that you have leftover time that will just be filled with more TV, you might as well log on and see if you can make some money online. Good luck!

By James