The Internet has provided avid gamblers with the ability to play virtual slot machines for real money. Some individuals are simply playing to pass the time, but others are actually trying to win and make money. If you are classified as the latter, it’s important to know what slots to play, when to play them, and when to move on to different ones.

Each online casino is different, so it’s a good idea to monitor the site you call home. Over time you will realize there are traits to each slot machine. Here are a few tips to help you become more successful as a slot machine gambler:

Count Your Spins

The only people that truly count their spins are those that are looking for an edge. However, after about 500 spins you will have a good idea as to how often the bonus is initiated. Yes, it sounds crazy, but this will be an indication as to whether or not you should keep playing each slot.

Achilles slot

A good example of this is a game called Achilles. There are several casino sites that offer this game, but not all of them are worth playing. The bonus on some sites will come up within 100-200 spins, while other sites might be around 50-100. If you utilize different online casinos, take the time to test out the same game on each site. If you find one that’s hot, by all means, keep playing.

However, if you hit 3 or 4 bonuses within 50 spins and then don’t hit anything over the next 50 spins, chances are the slot has died out. Now its goal (not literally) is to take back a fair amount of money, because obviously the casino’s goal is to make money as well.

Do the Bonuses Pay?

If you are playing a slot machine and there are frequent bonuses, but none of them are big payouts, you are in trouble. This is nothing more than a facade. The “winning” feeling is there, but when you look at your money, it keeps dwindling. This is something that is very common, and an amateur slot gambler won’t be concerned about it. Individuals looking to make money this way would be best suited to move on to another virtual machine.

Then again, if the bonus pays big one time and you’re in between spins are keeping you afloat; it’s worth waiting to hit the next bonus.

The Difficulty of Moving

One of the most beneficial skills a slot player can possess is patience. Unfortunately, when patience turns into the; “You are going to hit a bonus and I will play until you do” mentality, the skill turns into stubbornness. Seasoned veterans already understand this, but sometimes it’s even difficult for them to see. If you truly want to have a better shot of winning money on an online slot machine, you have to know when this change takes place.

Even though we are providing you with some great information, it’s very hard to become a professional slot machine player. There isn’t really any rhyme or reason, only signs that should be considered when they present themselves. When they do, it helps any gambler have more control over the situation.  Good luck!

By James