Many long term computer users get warned about making sure they are sitting sensibly so that they do not do damage to their bodies. This could be due to have the wring posture, caused by the wrong height of screen, setup of desk or chair or whatever. If we are playing games this is true as well, especially as it can be easy to play the games for a very long time. You may play on different devices as well and wonder how the best way is to use them.

A desktop computer could therefore be thought of as a risk. However, if you have a comfortable chair with a supportive back at the right distance from the screen, then you should be able to protect your body from injury. Make sure that your natural eye level is in the place where you look the most and make sure that you adjust the screen brightness and the room brightness so that your eyes do not feel overly tired.

You may think that using a mobile device would be better as you have more flexibility with regards to the position you take when you are playing. However, there is a condition known as ‘text neck’ which is caused form looking down at a mobile device for too long. Therefore you still need to be very careful. The fact that you can slump down anywhere, could actually meal that a mobile device puts you more at risk of injury from overuse. With a smaller screen it could also strain your eyes more than if you were using a large screen.

You may find that there will be a difference between games as to what works best for you. It could be that the best setup on your computer to play online casino games is different to when you are playing an online sports game. One may need quick reaction times, one may need more careful though, for example and so you may need to sit in a different position or have your keyboard, mouse and chair set up in a different way.

You may not think it is that important, but there can be a lot of aches and pains caused by playing games and so it is important to think about your body. You may just shrug it off and not think about it much, but if you do end up with a sore wrist, neck , eyes or back then you may regret that you have not thought about your position.

It is wise to not sit down for more than fifteen minutes in the same position anyway. It can therefore be wise to set an alarm and get up and walk around, even if very briefly, to make sure that you do not stiffen up. Make sure that you do not get too carried away with your playing that you forget to have drinks too. It is also tempting to just snack on junk food while you are playing and this is not good for your health as well.

By James