Playing online and offline casino games is a lot of fun, most people play a wide range of casino games ranging from simple lever or button games such as slots to more complicated strategy games like Poker and Blackjack. If you play these games, are winning real money or just virtual coins? If you think gambling does not reward, it is likely you may not have heard of these three guys who got rich beyond their wildest dreams gambling when they hit the jackpot, they are the biggest winners of all time.

3. A Swedish woman who won €7.6 million

Hall of Gods slots game

A lucky woman in Sweden is in the third spot after she won a whopping 7.6 million Euros (about $10.5 million) back in November 2012 playing a Hall of Gods slots game. She was dazed at the win and couldn’t believe it, but it may be a final pay off because she was the 5th person to enter the Casino Millionaires club since 2009.

2. Norwegian man’s insomnia rewards him with €11.7 million

Mega Fortune

A young man in Norway couldn’t sleep one night, and he decided to burn some hours playing casino games online. This was his luckiest night ever as on that September 2011 day he set a Guinness World Record for the largest ever jackpot in an online slots game called Mega Fortune. The player chose to remain anonymous but I am sure that was the longest night in his life – waiting for daybreak.

1. World record €17,861,800 win for a Finnish man

progressive jackpot slot game

A Finnish man holds the record for the biggest win in an online casino and the biggest jackpot winner at 17 million Euros, about $24 million. The man, in his 40s, won the jackpot in January last year from a 25 cents bet on a progressive jackpot slot game called Mega Fortune.

By James