Gone are the days when taking a chance on our favourite casino games meant getting dressed up in our finest gear, driving through big city traffic on route to a physical location and paying an expensive membership fee before we could even sit down at the table.

Gone too, are the days when, unless we were prepared to travel for miles to some far flung place like Las Vegas, we were forced to settle for a less-than-stellar casino that paled in comparison the glamorous gambling houses that formed such a large part of our fantasies.

These days, it’s never been easier to take a trip to any of the big name casino brands, head right to the table, and even earn a generous welcome bonus just for agreeing to play.

And the best part? Thanks to the growth of broadband and Internet-equipped devices like laptops and tablets, we can do all of this right from the comfort of our own homes.

Choosing an Online Casino

Indeed, check out any online casino article and you’ll find the general consensus is that modern technology, coupled with revised gambling laws, have opened up the world of gambling to a much broader audience, including those who have never so much as picked up a deck of cards before.

If that sounds like you, you may be on the look out to pick one of the web’s top online casinos to start betting on those big money game. Before you do, take a look at our top tips on picking the one that’s right for you.

Consider the welcome bonuses

Those bonuses we mentioned earlier are a big deal when it comes to signing up with a new online casino. With so much competition on the market, the big players go all out to tempt you away from their rivals and onto their tables. To do that, they offer some pretty sizeable gifts like free credits and cashback offers, just for signing up.

Take a look at these before you sign up and pick the one that’s going to offer the best value for your money.

Choice of games

It may sound obvious, but not all casinos offer exactly the same kind of games across the board. To that end, it’s worth taking a look at what’s on offer and making sure the kind of games you want to play are actually available.

Fan of slots? What’s the selection like? The more the better way say, though you may have your own ideas.

More of a Blackjack aficionado? Find out what variations are available and if there’s any live tournaments you can dive into.

Check out user reviews

Maybe you’ve found a casino site that, on first glance, seems to offer everything you could want and then some, but before you sign up, step back for a moment. All casinos are going to paint the best possible picture of themselves before you sign up, which is why it’s worth checking out independent user reviews to see whether they really do offer everything they say they do.

Any quick Google search for ‘casino reviews’ or something similar will bring up a wealth of online gamblers just like you, all offering their honest, unbiased opinions on the top casinos. If their views seem to match the casino’s claims, it looks like you’re good to sign up and enjoy gaming.

By James