Reading a 3 Best 2016 online slots games review can help people make much more informed decisions related to the new games that they’re going to try at this point in time. Some people end up sticking with some of their favorites after they get interested in playing online casino slot games at the Royal Vegas online casino and similar websites. However, trying some of the new games on the market today can be really exciting for a lot of people, especially because the industry just keeps on topping its own standards for the game-play mechanics, the payouts and the quality of the graphics.


Karaoke Party is one of the most popular online slot games that was introduced in 2016, and with a good reason. Lots of people are going to love the karaoke party theme, which actually does manage to capture all of the positives and benefits of being at a karaoke party. People can enjoy the comedic aspects of it and the actual exhilaration of it from the perspective of this game. It has 150,000 coins available and it’s a 5-reel, 9-payline game. It’s a welcome addition to the lineup. Many people will find it represented online today.


Of course, the game that a lot of people were buzzing about recently was the Fish Party game. People tend to love aquatic themes, which have a universal quality. The fact that this game was released at around the same time as the new film Finding Dory certainly managed to help its success. The silly and pleasant graphics give the game a nicely lighthearted feel. The graphics are not intended to be realistic. There are random free spins and stacked wilds here, which is going to make the whole game that much better. This is a slot game that gave people 243 ways to win.

Some of the games worthy of a 3 Best 2016 online slots games review were released in the year 2016, and others were not. Some of them only made it to certain online casinos in the year 2016, so it still felt like they were games from the year 2016 even if they weren’t in reality for a lot of people. Mega Moolah is a game that has managed to stay popular for a while by this point, easily outpacing some of the games that were released in 2016. Frozen Diamonds, for instance, seems to have been something of a swing and a miss, attracting some less respectable ratings online.

Sunset Delight slot

Sunset Delight is one of the most recent games to have been released, and it is also attracting some of the best reviews of the year. There are wilds, free spins, and multipliers with this game. The slot volatility is low to medium. Naturally, many people are really going to love the graphics that are associated with Sunset Delight as well, since this has been a popular game already. Any 3 Best 2016 online slots games review is probably going to include Sunset Delight. The year is not yet over, and there are lots of great new games that can be released as well.

By James