As internet gambling soared in popularity, the casinos continued to innovate to keep people returning. One of the best features of online casinos is the ability to play live casino games. Register with any major online casino and they will probably have a real time live casino offering. In this article, we’re going to look at four advantages to gambling this way online.

Fast Internet and Technology Makes it Seamless

The streaming process has come on leaps and bounds the last few years. This can be attested to in the quality and speed of our streaming services. This is true not just for things like Netflix but live casino games too. You can literally watch the dealer at the start and end of a session without interruption, without problems. It’s amazing really as you’re at home on your desktop and they’re in Romania or an online casino Malaysia.

Live Casino Games

It’s Like You’re at the Casino

Another obvious advantage is being able to gamble, seeing the dealers, without actually being at the casino. For some, this is immensely convenient. Imagine the hassle of getting ready, driving to the casino, getting your money out and finding a table. Live casino games online are far simpler and less costly. Think how much money you can save in fuel and tipping for a start!

Fairness is Obvious

Some people who game online does so with scepticism. They question the integrity of casino software and the random number generator (RNG). These people are the in the minority but they are loud and vociferous in the criticism. The ability to live casino games is an effective way of ensuring fairness to these people. They can see the game and dealers in real time. They can gamble confidently, knowing that there is no plot or scheme for casinos to take their money in an underhanded way.

Live Chat

Online gambling can be a loner activity much of the time. It’s not like you’re at the local casino with friends having fun is it? With live casino games, you get more of a social aspect with live chat. Most live casino games offer live chat features to participants. This is a neat addition as it means you can casually talk to other players too. I have to admit this definitely enhances the online gambling experience as it makes it more real and fun.


There we have it, four advantages to giving live casino games a try. If you haven’t given them a try yet, why not? They’re fair, give a more real casino experience, offer you the ability to chat with others and are high quality and fast.

By James