The fact that casinos hold the house edge over the players’ heads is not unknown to most gamblers. This means that should a player stay in a game for too long, then the house eventually takes back all the winnings it has paid out. But, this doesn’t mean that players can’t walk away winners in the short run. With a bit of luck on the player’s side, great wins are possible, but so are tremendous losses. But all too often a player is caught up in the allure of winning as they focus on nothing but the game.

It seems that with blackjack, for instance, that the sixes pop up too many times when on a 15 and the player hits. At the roulette wheel, the same numbers seem to reappear almost with regularity. This seems like a simple way to win, doesn’t it?

Then there are the losers, those stretches of losses that seem to go on forever, while stripping the morale of the gambler right to the core. Deep down, what is going to change how much you lose will be how you handle the feeling of being involved in a losing streak.

Discipline plays a key role in this. It is one thing to let yourself loose when you are winning, but it is a whole other ball game when you are losing long, where you want to be able to quickly reign it in. One way to handle the losing streak is to pay attention to your wallet and let it dictate your betting strategies.

To illustrate, let’s say that you have $50 in your wallet. You would not want to be handing out $10 for each round at the blackjack table, because you’d be out of the game real quick.

Now let’s say that aside from you there is another player also with $50 in their wallet. You drop $10 into a round, and the other person lays out just a single dollar.

Move forward to where you and the other player have both lost your $50. The difference is in the experience. You only got to play for less than half an hour, while the other player had a great time for a number of hours. Do you think you will have enjoyed yourself more?

Just as important is that you only use gambling money, that is money that has been set aside for the household responsibilities. It is one thing to lose money in general, but to lose money that should have been used for something else will really dampen your spirits.

To keep this from happening, just follow an easy to follow rule: don’t use money that is not meant for gambling with. If you find yourself coming into a losing streak, then realize that it is time to get up and walk away from the table. Go to another table and try something else for a while. Your favorite game will always be there for you to come back to at another time.

Players who get angry and upset as they stumble through a losing streak will find that the money they lose will be lost at a faster and greater rate than should they have just gotten up and left the table.

Don’t look to games played at casinos as money makers. Think of them as they are intended to be, as fun and exciting entertainment. Lots of time people who had played at casinos, who have suffered irreversible losing streaks, had walked away bummed out or feeling like their money was stolen from them. Keep in mind as you go play at the casinos that the cash winnings are icing on the cake for the fun and exciting times that you went to the casinos for in the first place.

By James