Are you ready to watch a movie and enjoy a little gambling? It’s not like you’re going to watch a few clips of Star Wars the Force Awakens or horrible movie (in my opinion) like Gigli. However, you are going to be able to have an endless amount of choices at your disposal.

I prefer the action-packed movies full of winnings. You can enjoy this too if you’re able to get 3 Projector symbols, because it will provide you with 8 free spins. If you’re lucky enough to hit 4 projectors then you will get a total of 12 spins. Then if it’s your lucky day, 5 projectors will pay out 20 free spins. Most importantly, all payouts will be doubled during the bonus.

At the Movies 3D slot

In addition to the projector bonus, you also have an opportunity to receive more money with a masks wild multiplier. This could occur every single spin as long as a masks symbol is present in a winning combination. It’s not really a bonus, but it can definitely be a huge help in between your bonuses.

When playing At the Movies, there is one piece of find I have to pass along. It’s been about 2 days since I played this 3D slot and I noticed something about the masks wild. It’s extremely difficult to have a positive game if the wild symbols aren’t coming up. The wins in between bonus seem to be a little less than normal, but probably because you have a chance to win double the money each time you spin the game.

If you notice that the payouts are pretty weak, and then lower your denomination per line. This will allow you to play longer and hit a bonus. It’s not 100% full proof, but your overall odds increase with this type of strategy. If you want to bet bigger, wait until you’re ahead, and use the winnings and try to hit bigger payouts. Also, make sure you don’t try this right after hitting the bonus. If you do, there is a good chance your winnings will be depleted quickly and you will have to move right back down to the lower denomination.

Overall though, At the Movies is a fun game to play. I don’t want to give too much a way when it comes to the 3D aspect, because the first time you see this you will want to come back for more. It’s worth playing from time to time, and if the game happens to pay out for you, then it will be double the enjoyment.

Oh, and this game’s max bet is only 125 coins as opposed to 150 on most of these 3D slots. When you first start playing, the default denomination is going to be 10 cents. I don’t normally explain this, but the first time I played I was thinking it was a penny. Yes, I normally pay attention to this, but was distracted at the time, and made a spin for $12.50. This definitely isn’t in your best interest unless you’re a high roller.

By James