A leading online slots review site has predicted better payout rates for casino games of the future. The news comes after Adrian Dale from Slotsquad closed the Squad 15 players conference with his vision of tomorrow’s slots, gambling and betting app world. The 46-year-old ex-developer, who writes mobile slot reviews for Slotsquad, made compelling statements and claims about the future of the gaming industry during his speech last week in Portsmouth. Highlights of the talk included device compatibility, jackpot networking and the one that got caught our interest, better payout rates for online slots.

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Adrian Dale was in no way dictating his moral standards to captains of industry, but was more discussing the impact of growth and how a portion of the profits should eventually meet the player once again. 2014 seen a huge spike in iPad compatible casinos and a greater games choice for smartphones across the board. 2015 is the next stage of igaming evolution that will essentially be the dawn of a more powerful breed of mobile casino. Future operators will need sufficient strategy to defeat their competition, and one of the biggest avenues will be slots development. Mr Dale quoted ” It isn’t about how well the game plays out, if it never pays out” in a reference to an increasing number of slots with abnormal high variance scales. If operators want customers, then they need a product that works for them, at least more often than they do now and more than their competition. Adrian also talked about exclusive slots and how games away from mainstream gaming culture would soon have their time.

What we’ve taken from Squad 15 is that greater competition of the future will lay the foundations for a new breed of slots game. It’s early days yet, but if developers want to get ahead they should be thinking about exclusive slot possibilities with better payout rates. Highlights of the full Squad 15 discussion can be found at slotsquad.co.uk who is now working hard to find trusted casinos along with greater payout rates for everyone.

By James