There’s one common thing between gamers, sports fans and athletes. Do you know what it is? They share the common thought that there are some objects that can boost their luck. While some people have lucky mantras, others have specific rituals… and some even carry ‘lucky’ objects which they always have in hand. However, your luckiest charm might work for you and not for others! Indeed, Lady Luck is capricious. Now, if you want to boost up your luck while playing some great bingo games or the best slot games at Lucky Pants Bingo, you can try any of these five lucky charms!

Lucky Penny

From an early age, you must have heard people saying that you should pick up a coin which you see on the ground, as it brings luck. However, did you know that this myth has double meaning? It is believed that facedown coins bring bad luck! But coins which have a hole in them, like the Japanese ones, bring double luck. Now, if you want to get the luckiest coin, you better look out for a two-headed coin. Heads you win, and tails they lose!

Wooden Jewellery

Wood has always been a lucky thing! After all, it helps bring warm through the fires and even give shelter. ‘Touch Wood’ is probably one of the most heard lines, when it comes to good luck! Despite that the origin of this myth remains unknown, many people do believe and follow it. Anyways, wearing a wooden bracelet or ring while you watch your bingo balls being called out at UK’s best online bingo site- Lucky Pants Bingo, might increase your chances of calling full house!

Lucky Clothes

The question is- Do you feel luckier when you wear a specific outfit? Michael Jordan definitely believed it! The famous basketballer wore his lucky college basketball shorts under his sportswear during each NBA game he played! So, do you have a lucky shirt or shorts? Try wearing it next time you’re grabbing your bingo cards in the main 90-Ball room, Lucky Stripes, at Lucky Pants Bingo. The luck might just pour in!

Lucky Number

In various parts of the world, different numbers are considered as the luckiest ones! When playing bingo, it is said that number 7 is the luckiest! In fact, callers shout ‘Lucky Number 7’ when it is out! After all, there are seven colours in the rainbow and seven days in a week. But in Asia, the number ‘8’ is sign of good luck and incoming fortune. If you have a lucky number, you can try having it on your all the time… why not on a phone case or in your purse? It might help change your luck.

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko or the Beckoning Cat, is most famous in Japan. This lucky cat can be found on tables, shops, cars, keyrings or windowsills. Do you believe in this lucky charm? Whether you do or not, you can look at a Maneki Neko GIF after starting a bingo game!

By James