These days mobile bingo is getting almost more popular than online bingo. This means that you may be wondering whether it is better to play bingo online using a computer or a mobile phone. Below are some points to compare.

Obviously a mobile phone is portable. This means that wherever you have your phone, you will be able to play bingo. You will not be restricted to being behind a PC. This means that if you are bored anywhere or just would like a game to amuse you, then you will have the bingo game at hand to play with. Of course this may be a disadvantage if you do not want to play too often or if you do not have much money and do not want to be tempted to spend it on playing bingo. There are free games though, so it does not always have to cost you money. You can also set spending budgets on bingo sites which will restrict how much money you can spend on bingo each day.

mobile bingo

You may find that playing on a phone or mobile device can take up quite a lot of battery and you will have to keep recharging it or even play with it plugged in. This defeats the object of having a portable game. You may therefore prefer to play on a PC, so you can play on the mains.

The graphics of the game may look better on a PC than a mobile. It might be easier to see the bingo card and to cross of the numbers as they are called out. On a big screen this will be very clear, but on a small screen it might be more difficult. If you have a tendency to get ‘fat fingers’ and not touch the screen in the right place it could mean that you end up crossing off the wring numbers.

You will find that the prizes will be different on mobile apps compared with PC games. It is worth investigating what is available as well as thinking about what you would like to win. You may just play for fun and see the prizes as a bonus, but you may really want to win a good prize. If this is the case, then you will need to make sure that you research which prizes are available and find a game that has those which you most want to win.

You will find that there are different games available for PC’s and mobiles. This means that you will need to consider which of the games you like the best. You may find your favourite is available on both and you can play it on whichever device you have to hand. However, you may find that your favourite game is only available either on PC or as a mobile app. Therefore, this will influence which you use.

Therefore if you have a choice as to whether you can play mobile or PC bingo, then it is good idea to spend some time researching which games are available and comparing them, so that you know that you have made the right decision.

By James