Blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games of all time, not only because it is easy to learn and has a short list of gameplay rules but also because millionaires have been born out of it. One reason to play the Blackjack I would argue is the strongest though is that the game offers a way to alter the odds in your favor through strategic gaming and if you prefer to takes risks even further, you can cheat. This basic Blackjack cheating guide is meant to teach you how to cheat to be better prepared if a player cheats, do not walk into a casino and try to get rich quick.

The oldest and most daring cheating technique in blackjack is snatch and run – just grab chips and run like your life depends on it, because it does. There are smarter cheating techniques you should learn including marking the cards or simply called ‘The Daub’ technique. This is done by applying a substance that invisibly marks the cards with smudges or lines that only you can identify to place you a step ahead of the dealer.

Cheat at Blackjack

‘Hold out’ is another method that involves hiding a card and substituting it for a better one. Most people think of this technique whenever cheating is mentioned in blackjack, thanks to the Hollywood movies. You have to be quick and discrete but put up a honest face to pull this cheat style off.

If you are in a team (like in the movie 21), say with a friend, you can have them at a distance checking out what cards the dealer has and transmitting the information discretely – by sign or technology. Remember though that casinos have cameras that detect facial expressions and changes, it takes practice to cheat without getting caught. Some other effective cheating techniques include using fake chips and telepathy. The latter is the most efficient.

By James