Roulette, for over a century, has been a favourite in casinos across the world. It is played in two versions – American and European. The game has its origins in France, where it has been played for many centuries.

In the 1990s, a new invention would change gambling forever. The arrival of the internet opened new doors for gambling and soon online gambling became a booming industry, and roulette again became one of the most popular offerings. Using simulated graphics and software, it was now possible to play roulette online. Another leap in online gaming technology recently is the live dealer roulette, where instead of a virtual dealer, you speak to a live dealer through a HD video display. This makes the playing experience more enjoyable and interactive.

Live Roulette Online

How Live Dealer Roulette Works

To play live dealer roulette, you first have to find out a site that offers live casino games. Live dealer technology is relatively new and not all websites offer this version of the game. Once you find one, register at the site and later select the “Live Roulette” option. You can then choose from a number of dealers to decide who you want for your game.

You can see and hear your dealer through a HD video stream online. An integrated chat feature enables you to interact with your dealer and the other players at the table. The dealer uses a real roulette instead of a simulated one, which you can see through the video stream.

The rest of the game works according to the same rules. You start by purchasing chips from the live dealer, who will then ask you to place your bet. You can place bets either on the exact number, a combination of numbers, the colour of the column in which the ball will fall (which is either red or brown) and either on an odd or even number. When you play roulette online, you have the table limit, which certifies the maximum number of bets you can make.

The dealer then spins the wheel, and once the wheel stops the ball keeps rolling until it finally settles on a number, which is declared as the winning number. Players who bet on the number, the colour and the odd-even factor will receive their wins and the unsuccessful bets are removed. You can choose to either start a new game or to exit from the table.

Differences From Normal Online Roulette

While both versions of roulette are played online, there are notable differences between the two of them. One of the differences is that while in the previous version you could play multiple tables at a time, your choice here is limited to just one game.

Also unlike previous online versions of roulette, you don’t have to download any software to play live roulette. All you need to do is register and have a Java plug-in installed in your PC or MAC, and you are ready to enjoy your game of live roulette.

By James