Great themed slots are all over the place, but finding them is another story. If you want to embrace your sports fan roots to the fullest, then you have to check out our short list of sports-themed slots. We think that slots are great because you really don’t have to have a strategy. You log on to the casino of your choice, play slots for a while, and win money. Yes, there will be times where you don’t win money but this is the basic premise in a nutshell.

So let’s get you up to speed you can get plenty of time to play to your heart’s content. Winning real money is absolutely addicting. Once you experience your first win, you’ll want to keep going as long as you can!

1. Tennis Stars

Tennis Stars slots

This sports-themed slot makes the top of our list! At first, we didn’t think we would really find a slot that captured the fun of tennis. But this slot surprised us. It’s from Playtech, a very well known developer of awesome games. In this game, you have 40 paylines and five reels. As you might expect, that sets the stage for some pretty big prizes. If you make the max bet you have the best chance of winning the most money. We tested it out with small bets too, and found that the prizes are still respectable. It won’t buy you a convertible, but you’ll still have some bragging rights next time you run into your friends.

Three scatter symbols give you a chance to play the championship bonus round. You basically serve against a computer player for about five rounds. If you get an “ace”, it acts as a huge multiplier. And trust us, friends: this is a very good thing.

The graphics are good and the music is pretty upbeat. There are wild symbols as well to help you get that last symbol that just won’t come up on the reels.

2. Green Light

Green Light slots

If you have racing on your mind, then you definitely want to check out Green Light. This is a slot from Realtime Gaming, another well known developer. The graphics aren’t as clean as they are in Tennis Stars, and you have 20 paylines rather than 40. But this game does have a fun theme and we thought it wasn’t a bad time at all. The driver symbol is the wild car, and the traffic light is a scatter. Three or more green lights turns the board into a bonus round, where you get to pick a car to win. You get free spins based on how well your car does in the bonus round. All in all, a pretty cool game.

3. Ski Bunny

Ski Bunny slots

We thought this was a really cute slot game. We’re not huge skiing fans, but we know some people that ski regularly and love it. We’re just not ready to take that type of plunge. Maybe we just need to order a few GoPros around the office… 🙂

Anyway, Ski Bunny has a fun main character, a pink girl bunny that loves to ski. We liked this slot because it is simple to play and you can pass the time. This is a pub-style slot that has three reels and just a single payline. We think single payline slots are so much fun because you have to work harder for those wins. Check it out for yourself.

4. Soccer Safari

Soccer Safari slots

Want to have a slot that you can play for a huge jackpot? How does a slot with 60,000 coins sound? This is a 30 payline, five reel slot with a ton of great features. Microgaming really pulled out all the stops when they built this one.

We like how Microgaming paired soccer with wildlife. That’s the “safari” part, because animals are all over the place. The wild card symbol is the Soccer Safari log, and it’s an expanding wild. It will expand outward to cover the entire reel, instantly making your winnings skyrocket.

The bonus round is the World Cup, which was pretty predictable. This is where you can battle for the chance to win up to 60,000 coins. It isn’t guaranteed, but we really loved playing this game!

5. Champion of the Track

Champion of the Track

We had to find a themed slot for our horse racing fans that love to bet on the big races like anyone else. But if you’re wondering what to do now that the Triple Crown races are over, why not check out Champion of the Track? Like Soccer Safari, this is a 30 payline slot with some cool features. You have a jockey symbol for a wild card, and a racehorse for the scatter. You get three racehorses to pop up on the reels and you enter the free spins round. If you get more bonus icons to come up on the reels, you get transported to your very own horse race! You have to pick a winner that will go all the way. The higher the horse you select places in the race, the more progress is added to a mini career ladder with multiple steps. Each step is more cash, but the “career mode” will track your progress. Your wins are even recorded for a full 48 hours, which is incredible. It’s very detailed in this regard, something that can’t be said about all slot games.

This is definitely a slot game that just had to be mentioned last. It’s really that good.

We could have pulled many more slots than this, but we figured these would give you a good head start. You’re bound to find more slot games to play as you explore the online casino world. If you find something cool for sports fans, would you do us a favor and let us know? Thanks!

By James