Bingo bonuses are promotional gifts or prizes designed to appeal to both new and existing members of online bingo sites.

For new customers, online bingo sites offer sign up and deposit offers in order to tempt them in and appear more attractive than their competition. Sign up bonuses consist of free money, bets – for example, free bingo at, or other aspects that would normally cost the user money, given to them just for registering an account. Many sites also offer ‘first deposit’ bonuses, where members receive a percentage of money back or full refunds on their first deposit once they have registered. Others offer second deposit bonuses and so on.

Existing customers of online bingo sites are often offered prizes for simply wagering money or for bingoing on certain patterns. These are designed to keep members interested and add even more excitement and fun to the game. They can range from simply bingoing on specific patterns (often related to seasons or events) to gaining great prizes through wagering the most cash or placing the most bets.


Bonuses awarded for bingoing on certain patterns simply consists of you playing as normal with the notion that if you bingo on the selected pattern, which is specified before the promotion, you will win extra prizes. These bonuses are based on thousands of different events ranging from seasonal events such as Christmas or Easter to in-house events such as anniversaries of their opening, and also events in the sporting calendar such as World Cups or festivals.

Members can also win ‘Loyalty’ bonuses. These are designed to keep you using the same online bingo operator. The operator rewards loyal customers by giving prizes out to members after a certain amount of time, or a certain amount of money / bets have been made.

Prizes awarded for bonuses range from simply free cash or plays to days out and holidays. They are dependent on the type of bonus. For example, for seasonal bonuses such as Easter prizes such as egg cups or chocolate eggs are often awarded to players. They also depend on the amount of winners. For example, with a competition where loads of members can all win prizes they often award small online prizes such as free plays or cash. With bonuses based on only a few winners, members can win more material prizes such as chairs, makeovers, day trips or even holidays.

By James