It goes without saying that you want a fair game when you play online roulette. However, when you have a look at various roulette forums you occasionally see a post from a disgruntled player who claims that online roulette is rigged.

They will say that they were using a roulette strategy that had been doing so well and they suddenly lost and that the game must have been rigged. This is complete nonsense providing of course that you’re playing at a well known brand and we’re going to discuss why on this page.

To start with, the house has an edge and no strategy or system can overcome this edge. More importantly though, in order for a casino to be fully regulated and licensed they’re checked for fairness.

If they were caught cheating it would make international news and their whole business would be in tatters. Most big brands employ thousands of people and if they were caught cheating they would lose a lot of customers which would result in losing money and then they would have to start making staff redundant. Further more, it would be almost impossible for them to fix their reputation so the name would be tarnished forever.

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Are they really going to take such risks by rigging games they already have an advantage on anyway? Of course not, it doesn’t make any sense and when you look at it this way I’m sure you’ll agree.

Now I should point out at this point that there are some casinos in the dark corners of the Internet that aren’t fully licensed and regulated (usually they aim at the USA market) and these casinos may well be rigged because they don’t really have anyone to answer to and nor do they have a brand name to maintain.

Therefore if they caught cheating it makes no real odds because they can just start a new casino and then spam a load of emails around to get new players. However, if you’re at a reputable and well known brand such as the ones we recommend, you really don’t need to worry about games being rigged.

Why Do People Make Claims That Games Are Rigged?

Normally people say that the game they were playing was rigged because it helps them to feel better. To some people, it’s easier to blame a casino for being rigged than it is to blame themselves and accept that they’re playing a game of chance that has odds in the favour of the house.

By James