There are thousands of people playing online roulette every single day and different people have different experience levels. Loads of people have questions that they would like answering but they don’t know where to ask them.

This is what we’re going to try and cover on this article. The following list of questions and answers is by no means exhaustive, meaning that if you have more questions, you can get in touch and ask us. We will then update this article accordingly.


1. What Is The Best Online Casino For Playing Roulette?

A. There’s no definitive answer as to which casino is the best. There are a few good casinos but between these it’s really a matter of personal choice. Our favourite online casinos are mentioned in different articles on this site.

What makes a casino good is having stylish software that delivers fast game play and fast payment times when you win.

2. The Casinos Will Give Me A Deposit Bonus When I Sign Up. Is There A Catch And Is It A Good Idea To Accept Them.

A. There absolutely is a catch to all bonuses and that is the fact that they all come with wagering requirements. Furthermore, roulette games do not count towards the wagering requirements so you won’t be able to withdraw any money you win.

We strongly advice against accepting any bonuses if the game of your choice is online roulette.

3. Is Online Roulette Not Rigged To Make Me Lose?

A. Absolutely not providing you play at a reputable brand. Check out Fair Roulette Gaming article.

4. What Is The Best Roulette Strategy I Can Use?

A. There’s no such thing as a “Best Strategy” because none of them can overcome the house edge or the odds that are built into the layout of the game. All we can say is check out our roulette strategy directory which is the most detailed strategy guide on the Internet. That will give you every strategy and system known to man that you can use and from there you can draw your own conclusions.

5. I Found A Website Selling A System That’s Guaranteed To Win. How About That?

A. We guarantee that it’s not guaranteed to win. As we said higher up, roulette has a house edge and no betting system can get around this. You should avoid chasing the dream and buying silly systems because they’re all just regurgitation of information that you can get for free.

6. Are There Any Ways To Cheat At Online Roulette?

A. No. Even if there were, it would probably be a illegal which would mean that your winnings would end up being forfeited anyway. While we’re on the subject of cheating, don’t bother looking online for cheats; if someone did come up with a cheat they wouldn’t blab about it online so you will just end up running into false information and maybe a scam.

7. I Played At A Casino That Didn’t Pay Me My Winnings. What Can I Do Now?

A. First of all, discontinue using that casino and make sure to always pay on well knows casinos as you will have plenty to pick from. Secondly, report it at which is a useful resource for reporting rogue casinos and they may be able to help you get your money back.

More Questions? Get In Touch and ask us. We don’t bite 🙂

By James