When playing online roulette for real money, you want to know that the online casino you are playing roulette at is extremely secure, your money is safe, the casino has not had any negative history in regards to player payments or fraudulent activity, and also that your winnings will be processed in a timely and efficient manner. Furthermore, you will also be looking for casinos with state of the art software and also some cool roulette games. Remember that in order to play roulette online, you have to first decide which mode you would like to play the game in; this could be the instant play mode. Once you have made your decision, click on the icon that represents the mode.

What Makes Online Roulette Casinos So Special?

If you have spent much time looking at the online casino industry, you will realise that there is an extremely large number of online casinos that you could choose from to play roulette online. However, how can you know whether the online casino you are looking at is reputable or has a chance of stealing your cash or tricking you at the roulette tables?

The answer is simple: You visit a casino review website or a blog like Zwitserlandcasino.ch where I only write about the very top online casinos that have a proven track record and from my own personal experience I know are extremely good casinos to play at.

The online casino I have linked to in this article is known for their superior software experience, wide range of real money deposit and withdrawal options, wide variety of available online roulette games, top notch security and helpful customer support.

Online Roulette

Online Casinos For High Rollers

If you are a casino high roller and are looking to play high stakes roulette/high limit roulette, then there are a number of factors that make a casino especially good for players looking to play high stakes roulette:

  • Huge Roulette Bonuses – One thing you won’t get when playing high limit roulette at live casino is free cash as soon as you enter the casino door. This is exactly what you get when you play high stakes online roulette as once you have made your first deposit you can get it matched and have free money to play with at the high stakes roulette tables.
  • Exclusive Deposit Limits – One particularly frustrating thing for high rollers is when they want to deposit large amounts of cash to an online casino but are unable to do so due to payment restrictions that have been put in place. By becoming a VIP, you will have these payment restrictions reduced of even removed, allowing you to deposit more cash and hit the big tables.
  • Top Notch Safety and Security – Find a casino that have had a perfect track record in the online casino industry with absolutely no player quarrels or disputes. A casino where there has not been even a rumour of any issues with the random-number generators that control the every spin of the roulette wheel, as these generators have been so rigorously tested that it is certain that they are completely random.
  • Expedited Cashout Times – When you make a huge deposit at an online casino, make a couple of huge bets at the online roulette tables and score some huge wins, the last thing you want is your money endlessly stuck on the online casino. As a VIP high roller you will receive prioritised cashout times on your winnings, with some casinos being able to cash this out to your chosen payment method in a number of hours.
  • Higher Roulette Betting Limits – There is nothing more frustrating than depositing $10,000 to find out that the maximum bet you can place on a single roulette spin is $10. Most casinos sometimes have lower betting limits in place at the start, but when you sign up and become a VIP player, you will have these roulette limits extended to a value of your choice.
  • Wide Variety Of Roulette Games – Some high rollers prefer European roulette while others prefer American Roulette, what is important is that the online casinos offer both of these games so that no matter what you prefer, the choice is available to you (note: your odds of winning are greater with European roulette due to the presence of only a single “0″).

Once you sign up and become a VIP player, there will be an endless supply of other perks that are offered to you.

Finally, best of luck at the roulette tables.

By James