One of the most popular providers of online casino software is Playtech and they are at the center of several of the casinos that we recommend on home page.

There are numerous different roulette games that you can play at Playtech casinos and there are numerous upsides to the games when compared to other casino software providers. First let’s look at some of these upsides and then we will look at the games.

Upsides Of Playtech Software

The first major advantage of Playtech is that they have a free spin feature. Obviously this means that you can just spin the wheel for free as long as you want. Some casino platforms require you to place a bet on every single spin which is annoying and inconvenient.

Another advantage that Playtech has is that you can turn off the animation. This means that you don’t need to watch the ball spin around and you can potentially get hundreds of spins a minute if you can hit the spin button fast enough.


There’s always plenty of roulette games to play at Playtech casinos; it usually varies between 8 and 10 between different casinos.

European Roulette – This is the most common version of the game with a 2.7% house advantage. Some Playtech casinos offer multiple versions of the European game in the form of the “standard game” and the “premium game.” There’s no real difference between these games except for a change in graphics.

Playtech Roulette

French Roulette – This is the best version of the game that you can play due to the house edge being just 1.35%. Some Playtech casinos also have two versions of French roulette for the same reasons described above.

American Roulette – The worst game that you can play and it should be avoided. This is because the house edge stands at 5.26% due to the fact that there’s an extra zero but the pay outs aren’t altered accordingly.

3D Roulette – This is basically another European game but the graphics are different in a semi successful attempt to be 3D.

Mini Roulette – As the name suggests, this is a smaller version of the standard roulette game with just 13 slots. Despite the noticeable size difference, the “mini” game and a standard European game are not so different in terms of payouts and how you actually play.

Roulette Pro – This is another European game only this one has the additional bets: Voisins Du Zero, Tier, Orphelins, Neighbors, Final Bet. More about these can be learned on the article about roulette bets.

Multi Player Games – A few select Playtech casinos offer multi player games. Basically you play a regular European game but there are other people involved as well and you can see what they’re betting on.

Live Dealer Games – These are games where you can see a real roulette wheel and a real dealer. Only offered by the leading brands who can afford to host such games.

By James