If you are going to play online roulette it is best to have a clear understanding about the different bets that you can place. That is exactly what we’re going to cover in this article. The different bets can be sorted into three different categories; Outside, Inside and Special bets.

Outside bets

These are the bets that you find on the outside of the table, hence the ironic name, here are the different outside bets:


Inside Bets

These are the bets that you will find on the inside of the table and they are:

Straight up bet – 1 number
Split Bet – 2 numbers
Street Bet – 3 numbers
Corner Bet – 4 numbers
4 number bet – 0, 1, 2 and 3 on European Roulette and French Roulette
5 number Bet – 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3 on American Roulette only
Line Or Double Street – 6 numbers

Roulette Bets

Special Bets AKA Call Bets

These are bets that we refer to as “Special Bets” because they aren’t offered on every roulette game. You will normally find them on French roulette games and some European games.

Voisins Du Zero – This is a bet that covers a total of 17 numbers that are neighbours to the zero on the roulette wheel. Starting from 22 on the left hand side of zero, the bets cover all the numbers up to 25 on the right hand of the zero. Here are all the numbers:

All of these numbers are covered in the following fashion:

2 chips on o, 2, 3 street

1 on the 4/7 split
1 on 12/15 split
1 on 18/21 split
1 on 19/22 split
1 on 32/35 split

2 chips on 25/26/28/29 corner

Tier – Bets on 6 split bets simultaneously which are:

5/8 10/11 13/16 23/24 27/30 33/36

Orphelins – The following 8 numbers are covered: 1, 5, 9, 14, 17, 20, 31, 34 and they are covered in the following way:

Straight bet on number 1

Split bet on 5/9
Split bet on 14/17
Split bet on 17/20
Split bet 0n 31/34

Neighbors – This is a 5 number bet of your specification. Basically you bet on a number of your choice and the two numbers on either side of it as they appear on the roulette wheel.

Final Bet – With this, you specify a number from 1-9. Once you’ve done this, you will then have a bet on all the numbers that end in the number that you’ve specified. This is best explained with an example.

If you specified your number as 4, you would have a bet on 4, 14, 24, and 34 because they all end in 4.

By James